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The Biggest Book Show on Earth Story Relay - Can YOU keep the story going?

(Steve Cole) "Norbert had heard of a piggy-back - but what on earth was a 'backy-pig'...?"

(Holly Webb) "He stared down into the thick darkness of the cellar - whatever it was, it was growling, and it sounded large."

(Derek Landy) "Manfully quivering in his oversized boots, he started down the steps, his vision blurred by tears of courage."

(Anthony McGowan) "He told himself that it was just another of Suzie and Zach's wind-ups, like the time they'd convinced him that his Cat, Einstein, had been abducted by aliens; but this didn't feel like a joke: it felt real, it felt … ominous."

(Cressida Cowell) "Whiskers quivering, deadly venom spraying from its sabre-teeth and talons, the backy-pig erupted out of the cellar like a bad-tempered buffalo struck in the rear end by lightning – but, most luckily, Norbert had already formed a brilliant and FIENDISHLY CLEVER plan…"

(Eoin Colfer) "The plan was brief, practical and difficult to misinterpret, even when screamed into your earholes by someone moving past at considerable speed, the earholes belonged to Suzie and Zach who had come to find Norbert and the screamer was Norbert himself, who was being chased by what appeared to be a ball off teeth and slobber."

(Andy Stanton) "Get me my DICTIONARY!’ screamed Norbert as he raced down the hallway, the backy-pig thumping along after him with its great filthy hooves."

(Chris Bradford) "Will my iPhone do?' shouted Susie, wielding her mobile like a lightsaber at the approaching thunder of fur. 'I've downloaded a dictionary app, which is really super cool...NO...GET YOUR TEETH OFF!"

(Jeremy Strong) "Hey, you've got an iPhone! Really mega-super-cool!' yelled Norbert, ignoring the fact that a festering, furry and obnoxiously smelly backy-pig was now using the iPhone to text his even more festering, more furry and fatally foetid mother to tell her he had found dinner, or at least three snacks, but they kept running round shouting and he needed her help....."

(Nick Sharratt) How could the backy-pig text with his hooves?

(Jacqueline Wilson) Norbert had no time to ponder - he ran for his life, yelling for his clever cat, Einstein.

Now YOU! What happens next?

This is a fun activity you can carry on in your bookshop, school or library. Please do not send your stories to World Book Day.