FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: The live video is buffering and stuttering?

A: you might have too many machines watching the live stream in your school, the internet download speed may not be not enough for everyone to watch at the same time, either reduce the amount of machines watching the live stream or view the event on demand. The event will be made available to view online Friday morning after the event

Q: I can't see any video at all, what's the problem?

A: Did you test your system before the live stream and did it work? which numbers had green ticks next to the and was it in the RTMP or RTMPT column?
a) if all ticks are red it's a firewall problem
b) if most ticks are red and one of the last boxes have a green tick it will take longer for the video to start this means you have firewall restrictions in place
c) Could be a bandwidth issue minimise machines watching the live event

Q: When will be the event be available to watch on demand?

A: The event will be made available to view online Friday morning after the event

Q: I have registered myself for the whole school to view the webcast but there will be 10 classes watching on different PC's throughout the school, can we all login on the same email address?

A: Yes however we recommend every PC in each class register separately, if you have entered the total amount of children for your school then each registrant only enter 1 in attendance if more will be in attendance than previously estimated please instruct them to enter this number in the registration process.

Q: My email address is not logging me in please help!?

A: Please re-register for the webcast and login this should rectify the problem

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required to view the broadcast. You also require an internet connection and a compatible web browser.

A: Operating system
• Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista
• Mac OS X

A: Web browsers
• Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6 and above (on Microsoft Windows only); or
• Mozilla 1.x, and browsers based on Mozilla, such as Firefox
Please ensure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.
We strongly suggest that you update to the latest version of your chosen browser. These browsers are available to download from the Microsoft and Mozilla websites.
Multimedia player

Adobe Flash Player
We strongly suggest that you update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. This can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Hardware requirements
• Pentium II 300 MHz
• 128 MB RAM
• 16-bit PCI Sound card - e.g. SoundBlaster 16 PCI
• 16Mbyte 64bit AGP Video adapter - e.g. ATI Xpert98 or equivalent

Internet firewall and connectivity
If you have a firewall and have not watched streaming content before, please ask your Network Administrator if the firewall will allow it. (See the test page after registration) Some firewalls may also prevent ActiveX controls from being displayed in web pages. Please ensure that your firewall allows the WindowsMedia ActiveX control.

Q: I can see the video, but can't hear anything

As the video and audio are sent in the same data stream, the most likely points to check are:
• does your computer have a sound card?
• are your loudspeakers turned on and turned up?
• can you hear other sound files now?
Check you have the latest version of your media player. It may be that your connection is slow, or very busy.

I am watching on broadband, but I still have poor quality
Good quality audio and video results from a fast internet connection to your computer. Even if you have a fast office internet circuit, if the connection is shared you may be receiving a slow connection speed.
Do you need technical help or support? Email us at wbdsupport@streamuk.com or call 0800 061 2361
If you have queries about your World Book Day book tokens email us at wbd@education.co.uk or call 01634 729810
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